#RTVF330: The Final Tribal Council

This past Thursday I taught the final class of #RTVF330, my Northwestern University class on Survivor and reality TV. Thursday also happened to be my last class as a college professor for the foreseeable future, as in the coming weeks I’ll be joining the staff of the Los Angeles office of Frank N. Magid Associates, a research and consulting firm that services media and entertainment industry clients. I’ll have more to say about my transition from academia to industry in a future post. For the time being, I’d like to share a few moments and memories from my class’s final tribal council. Read more of this post


Channeling my inner Probst (Survivor: The college class)

For a long time I’ve been threatening to teach a class on Survivor. If The Wire and Mad Men are deserving of their own college-level courses, surely Survivor is! Just think of all of the topics such a class could cover: “Hantzian Mathematics: When and How to Split the Vote.” “‘Under the Radar’ or ‘Over the Cuckoos’s Nest’: Second Place as Social Game.” “‘Superman in a Fat Suit: The Plight of the Alpha Male in a post-Tom Westman World.” “Rob and Tom and Marty and Jane: Survivor and Red State/Blue State America.” “‘Fabio Is Fully Relieved Now’: Reality TV’s Environmental Impact.” “Lunch Ladies, Construction Workers, Pharmaceutical Reps, and Foxy Boxers: Women’s Work on the Island and Off.” The possibilities are endless… Read more of this post

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