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Why @heysnowy rules.

Amongst the many benefits available to employees of Favs-R-Us is access to the employee fitness center.
Amongst the many benefits available to employees of Favs-R-Us is access to the employee fitness center.



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Chief Bromden and Randle Patrick “Mac” McMurphy plot their overthrow of Nurse Ratched

The blood of a male relative with whom I have not had sexual relations courses through my body.
The blood of a male relative with whom I have not had sexual relations courses through my body.



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Don’t Bro Me If You Don’t Know Me



Survivor: Caramoan Preview (interview with #RTVF330 All Star Ali Lasher)

As an educator, I take pride in my ability to completely screw up young people’s lives. Though I would never admit this to the members of a hiring committee, my pedagogical philosophy is guided by the notion that a college professor’s job is to introduce students to ideas or possibilities that move them to reconsider what they want from school or life. Nothing is more rewarding than watching a student question the path that he or she is on. At Indiana University, for example, there was the student who for his entire life had planned on attending law school, but ended up doing a graduate degree in heavy metal studies after taking one of my classes. At Northwestern there are the handful of students who, after taking my class on Survivor and reality TV, have begun to contemplate careers in reality TV production. One of those students is Ali Lasher. Ali was amongst the first group of students to take #RTVF330 in 2012, having earned a spot in the fully enrolled class by sending me an impassioned email describing her nearly life-long love of Survivor. While I haven’t quite succeeded at convincing her to change her major to Radio, TV & Film, I have planted a seed – let’s just call it a “Russell seed” – in her mind that reality TV could be more than just a hobby for her. Last week I sat down with her to discuss my thoughts about Survivor: Caramoan, which debuts tonight at 8/7 central on CBS. A transcript of the interview follows.
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Fans Versus Favorites…Versus Favorites (#RTVF330 Survivor Trivia Challenge)

When the student-castaways of #RTVF330 aren’t busy learning about television’s Financial Interest and Syndication Rules, the effects of changing audience metrics on programming and advertising, and FOX reality czar Mike Darnell’s unique fashion sense they spend their time studying Survivor. (Technically they spend most of their free time watching Catfish, but I like to imagine that when they’re not watching Nev and Max explain the dangers of cybersex to midwesterners they’re committing to memory such important facts as the depth of Jeff Probst’s dimples (11 mm) or which Survivor winner took the most episodes before going to tribal council in back-to-back episodes.) On Tuesday, February 5, the castaways had a chance to show off their knowledge of Survivor history in #RTVF330’s second-annual Survivor Trivia Reward Challenge. Read more of this post

Survivor Math (RTVF330 Hidden Immunity Idol)

The Rooster breaks down Survivor Math for some of his prized pupils.

The Rooster breaks down Survivor Math for some of his prized pupils.

Note: this post contains material that originally appeared on the RTVF330 Tumblr. Now that the puzzle has been solved and this week’s hidden immunity idol is out of play I’m making it public.

Grab your calculators, because it’s time for the Survivor Math test. RTVF330 All Star Jonathan Forman (@jofo322) has put together a word problem that will test your math and research skills. Solve all three puzzles and then enter the answers in the marked spaces below. Combined these ten digits will lead you to the location of our hidden immunity idol and a perfect score on this week’s quiz.

Part I

  • Start with number of different locations where seasons of Survivor have been filmed: ___
  • Multiply by the number of different players who have returned to the game from Redemption Island: ___
  • Add the number of the season that was the first to feature a cast comprised of both new and returning players: ___
  • Multiply by the number of the season that saw one tribe decimated to the point where only one tribe member remained going into the merge: ___

Answer A _ _ _

Part II

  • Start with the total number of days that members of the Mariano family have played Survivor: ___
  • Add the number of days played in the only Survivor season that lasted more than 39 days: ___
  • Add the number of players who have played Survivor three or more times: ___
  • Subtract the number of the first season in which the castaways picked their own tribes: ___
  • Multiply by the number of seasons in which three players received votes to win at the Final Tribal Council: ___
  • Add the number of National League Most Valuable Player Awards won bySurvivor players: ___

Answer B: _ _ _

Part III

  • Start with the placement of the Survivor: Caramoan (Fans versus Favorites 2) returning player who placed the worst in his/her original season: ___
  • Multiply by the number of former pageant queens in the cast of Survivor: Philippines: ___
  • Add the number of distinct seasons in which Survivor: Caramoan’s returning castaways originally played: ___
  • Add the number of seasons of Survivor which have started with an odd number of players: ___
  • Multiply by the number of the season in which two players were sent home on the second day after not being selected in a schoolyard pick: ___
  • Add the number of the season in which tribes were divided by gender for the first time: ___
  • Multiply by the total number of letters in the first and last name of the castaway who first destroyed and later slept in the commode in Survivor: Exile Island: ___
  • Add the number of times James Clement won the $100,000 fan favorite award: ___
  • Add the number of votes cast to eliminate Yau-Man Chan from Survivor: Fiji: ___

Answer C: _ _ _ _


  Answer A    Answer B     Answer C 

         _ _ _   –    _ _ _       –    _ _ _ _

Postscript: Only about six of the sixty students in my class successfully solved this puzzle, and even after that they failed to locate the hidden immunity idol. You’ll know when you’ve solved it – drop me a line at @fymaxwell when you’ve figured it out.

RTVF330 Tribe Spirit Day Photo Gallery


Previously on RTVF330…

This week the four tribes of RTVF330, my Northwestern University class on Survivor and reality TV, squared off in a tribe spirit reward challenge. Our sixty student-castaways attended class bearing tribe flags and decked out in the colors of their namesakes, Tandang, Kalabaw, Matsing, and Dangrayne. Each tribe was interviewed about its teamwork strategies, and specifically about how its members are using social media to pool resources and prepare themselves for our quizzes and midterm exam. Finally, the students were tested on their knowledge of Survivor history with a series of questions about how their tribes fared in the show’s recently-concluded twenty-fifth season.

Judging the challenge was someone who knows first hand the importance of tribal harmony: R.C. Saint-Amour of Survivor: Philippines. R.C. skyped in to evaluate the tribes’ efforts and stuck around afterwards to answer a few questions about her time on Survivor. Later on that night R.C. announced her decision via Twitter, crowning Kalabaw the winner. Kalabaw’s reward is a powerful (and controversial) prize: the Medallion of Power. Kalabaw will receive a five point advantage on this week’s immunity challenge. However, in keeping with the spirit of the original Medallion of Power twist, after using it they will be required to grant one of their three opposing tribes an advantage in the next reward challenge. Will Kalabaw use the Medallion of Power to repair the rift between itself and the villainous Dangrayne tribe? Will they use it to form a new cross-tribe alliance with Tandang or Matsing? Or, will they grant the advantage to the tribe they feel they stand the best chance of defeating in the next reward challenge? You’ll have to tune in next time to find out….

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