Fans Versus Favorites…Versus Favorites (#RTVF330 Survivor Trivia Challenge)

When the student-castaways of #RTVF330 aren’t busy learning about television’s Financial Interest and Syndication Rules, the effects of changing audience metrics on programming and advertising, and FOX reality czar Mike Darnell’s unique fashion sense they spend their time studying Survivor. (Technically they spend most of their free time watching Catfish, but I like to imagine that when they’re not watching Nev and Max explain the dangers of cybersex to midwesterners they’re committing to memory such important facts as the depth of Jeff Probst’s dimples (11 mm) or which Survivor winner took the most episodes before going to tribal council in back-to-back episodes.) On Tuesday, February 5, the castaways had a chance to show off their knowledge of Survivor history in #RTVF330’s second-annual Survivor Trivia Reward Challenge.

This being #RTVF330, there were a few twists. For starters, the Medallion of Power was still in play from our last reward challenge two weeks earlier. The winner of that challenge, the Kalabaw tribe, opted to bequeath the Medallion to Tandang, granting Tandang an advantage in the trivia challenge. Here’s the note Tandang received explaining their advantage:

Maybe the Medallion of Power isn't so bad after all...

Maybe the Medallion of Power isn’t so bad after all…

And here is the special guest who played on Tandang’s behalf, Survivor: One World troublemaker and reigning Survivor Jeopardy champion Colton Cumbie:

Colton vows to vanquish the #RTVF330 castaways faster than Taylor Swift can write a song about an ex-boyfriend.

Colton’s participation in the competition wasn’t the only twist in store for the #RTVF330 castaways that day. Also competing in the trivia challenge was a pair of All Stars from my class’s first “season” in 2012, Ali “Lasher” Lasher and Mollie “Hantz” Block. #RTVF330 Fans Versus Favorites…Versus Favorites! Would the returning students’ experience give them an advantage over the newbies? Would any of them stand a chance against Survivor savant Colton? Before revealing the  results of the challenge, here are the questions that our competitors were asked. How many would you have gotten right?


One point questions

  • On which season did Jeff allow the castaways to trade their shelter for a bag of rice?
  • Who was the first castaway to spend a night on exile island?
  • Who was the first former professional athlete to compete on a season of Survivor?
  • Which Survivor: One World castaway told Jeff “blindsides are fun” right before being blindsided at tribal council?
  • In Survivor: Borneo, which castaway did not receive a video from her family?
  • Who was the first castaway to compete when he or she was still a teenager?
  • What are the nicknames that these castaways are better known by?
    • Shannon Waters
    • Lea Masters
    • Kenward Bernis
    • Andria Herd
Colton squares off against Kalabaw, Matsing, and Dangrayne

Colton squares off against pairs representing Kalabaw, Matsing, and Dangrayne

Three point questions

  • What was the first season to feature an all-male final two?
  • Which castaway holds the record for having received the most votes against him or her in a single season?
  • In which season did the winner initially belong to an alliance that called itself “The Fat Five”?
  • What was the first season in which the merged tribe buff was black?
  • What was the first season in which a tie vote was broken by a purple rock?

Four point questions

  • Four castaways have won five individual immunity challenges in a single season. Name them for one point each.
  • In which season did the longest challenge in Survivor history take place? For an additional point, tell me how long it lasted. The tribe that comes closest to the actual time without going over takes the extra point.

Five point question

  • In the history of Survivor, the longest streak of winners of a single gender is four seasons. What are the names of the four contestants whose wins comprise this streak?
Lasher and Hantz of RTVF330 Season 1

Lasher and Hantz of RTVF330 Season 1; Cumbie of Survivor: One World

Much as has been the case in countless recent Survivor seasons, the newbies proved little challenge for our returning players. To no one’s surprise Colton finished first by a long shot, missing only one question – the final five point question. Second place was claimed by the #RTVF330 Season One All Stars, with Dangrayne, Kalabaw, and Matsing taking third through fourth places. While Tandang won the challenge, earning five bonus points in our ongoing competition over immunity from the midterm exam, all of us, myself included, learned a valuable lesson that day: namely, that it’s not fair to make people who have never played a game before compete against people who have.


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