RTVF330 Tribe Spirit Day Photo Gallery


Previously on RTVF330…

This week the four tribes of RTVF330, my Northwestern University class on Survivor and reality TV, squared off in a tribe spirit reward challenge. Our sixty student-castaways attended class bearing tribe flags and decked out in the colors of their namesakes, Tandang, Kalabaw, Matsing, and Dangrayne. Each tribe was interviewed about its teamwork strategies, and specifically about how its members are using social media to pool resources and prepare themselves for our quizzes and midterm exam. Finally, the students were tested on their knowledge of Survivor history with a series of questions about how their tribes fared in the show’s recently-concluded twenty-fifth season.

Judging the challenge was someone who knows first hand the importance of tribal harmony: R.C. Saint-Amour of Survivor: Philippines. R.C. skyped in to evaluate the tribes’ efforts and stuck around afterwards to answer a few questions about her time on Survivor. Later on that night R.C. announced her decision via Twitter, crowning Kalabaw the winner. Kalabaw’s reward is a powerful (and controversial) prize: the Medallion of Power. Kalabaw will receive a five point advantage on this week’s immunity challenge. However, in keeping with the spirit of the original Medallion of Power twist, after using it they will be required to grant one of their three opposing tribes an advantage in the next reward challenge. Will Kalabaw use the Medallion of Power to repair the rift between itself and the villainous Dangrayne tribe? Will they use it to form a new cross-tribe alliance with Tandang or Matsing? Or, will they grant the advantage to the tribe they feel they stand the best chance of defeating in the next reward challenge? You’ll have to tune in next time to find out….


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